Our philosophy

All product segments are themed "osmo in form and colour". Thereby "form" stands for the technical demand and "colour" for an ecological clean surface. The product development is based on all our experience and our fervour for the natural product wood, perfect treatment, functionality and the ambition to fulfill the highest demands. Your demands.

Wood quality

As high as your demands to our products are our requirements to the treatment of resources. For all segments - floor - wall and ceiling - cladding and garden we only use selected wood which is ordered by strict quality criteria.


As a single supplier Osmo completes its finishing with self-developed and self-produced colours and surfaces. Our colour is based on natural oil and wax. The vegetable resources are purified and refined and are inoffensive for human, animal and plant.

The used natural colour pigments are all permitted for food sector. Where solvent is necessary for treatment and product quality we use small dosages of petroleum spirit without aroma which meets demands in cleanness concerning European pharmacopoeia.

Factory-treated wood has an exceptional position, e.g. garden wood or cladding made by technical drawings or patterns and by request even pre- or factory-treated with RAL-compatible shades. Strings, laminated wood and flooring can also be delivered custom-made.