A grown tradition...

WOOD, DURABLE AND STABLE . It takes 100 years for a tree to grow into solid quality. Osmo has gathered experience in working with wood during its 100 years of history. The correct handling, processing and long-term protection of wood as a natural construction material has always been our utmost priority.

THE CONNECTION.Our passion for wood and wood finishes at Osmo flows into constant product research and development. Up to now Osmo is still the only company which completes its value-adding chain with internally developed and produced wood finishes.

COLOUR THAT PROTECTS. Only a suitable wood finish can meet the needs of wood so that it retains its natural beauty and durability for a long time. To achieve exactly these goals, Osmo as a pioneer in the field developed its micro-porous, natural oil and wax-based finishes over 40 years ago.

Wood and finish from one company – a combination which you can rely on.

Company details:

The company was founded as trader of wood and building materials in 1878, in 1923 a modern planning mill was built, and already in 1964 the company segment for wood finishes was founded. So, the material wood and its treatment and processing have accompanied Osmo for many decades.

Osmo has about 280 employees at its headquarters in Warendorf and at both production sites in Warendorf and Münster.

Alone in Germany, you can find Osmo products at more than 2,500 dealers. Beyond that, Osmo also exports to several countries worldwide.